ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.
  • 19 Nov

    Data quality to support local action
    The metropolitan city of Turin will host on the 19th November an international event under the Covenant of Mayors and the European project DATA4ACTION. During this event, a number of institutions and researchers will bring to light a few examples of su...
  • 14 Nov

    GeoElec Promotional Semiar
    David Bruhn will introduce the Joint Program Geothermal Energy of the European Energy Research Alliance. Jan Hopman will introduce the projects ‘GEISER’ and ‘IMAGE’ After the break we present results of the Europeanproject GEOELEC and introduce ...
  • 9 Nov

    European Energy Service Awards Ceremony 2015
    To achieve the ambitious national and European energy efficiency targets, Energy Services are a core instrument. The Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) project European Energy Service Initiative 2020 shows examples of the development and success of energy...
  • 20 Nov

    Innovator Catalyst
    The training course offers the unique opportunity to experience a fully coached programme that will take you on a ‘Sustainable Mobility Tour’, working on innovative business models and transition thinking. The workshop participation will benefit from a...

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