Fundación Agencia Local de la Energía del Nalón

Local Energy Agency for the Nalon Region

Energy Agency

Year created: 2000 No of staff: 2

Sources of Funding

40% - Regional
20% - Local
40% - In-house

Casa La Buelga, s/n.
Ciaño-Langreo (Asturias)

+34 985 67 87 61
+34 98 567 58 59


Web site: http://www.enernalon.org

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General Info

The services offered by Enernalón consist of information and technical consultancy, including:

  • studies of energy saving for SMEs, shops, residents associations and Local Corporations
  • educational material and other publications, as well as information on their website
  • promotion of training for professionals in the energy field (renewable energy technicians and installers specialised in thermal solar energy and solar photovoltaic/wind-electric energy)

Services offered by Enernalón include the following:

  • Information about renewable energy
  • Advice on the correct use of energy
  • Consultancy on energy project
  • Dissemination of energy information
  • Organisation of meetings and presentations

Services rendered to individuals:

  • Information and technical advise.
  • Elaboration of energy saving reports.
  • Promotion, education and information campaigns on environmental issues applied to consumption and educational fields.

Services rendered to businesses and industries:

  • Information and technical advise.
  • Elaboration of energy saving reports.
  • Execution of energy audits for buildings, industrial premises, workshops, etc.
  • Promotion of professional training in the energy field.

Services rendered to public bodies

  • Information and advise to municipal technicians.
  • Execution of energy audits for Town Councils, schools, libraries, etc.
  • Studies of municipal street lighting. Analysis of present state and proposal of improvements.

Other Services

  • Dissemination of information
  • Information on the website
  • Dissemination in different media
  • Support

Areas of expertise: dissemination of information, advise on specific energy issues, energy efficiency in transport, biofuels project above all in biodiesel,promotion of pellets and training courses (solar PV/wind Installer, thermal solar Installer and RES Technician).

Target audience: The "Nalón" area (about 100,000 people), as well as many other people in the Asturias region (1,200,000 people).