V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Fundación Agencia Local de la Energía del Nalón


Local Energy Agency for the Nalon Region

General Info

The services offered by Enernalón consist of information and technical consultancy, including:

  • studies of energy saving for SMEs, shops, residents associations and Local Corporations
  • educational material and other publications, as well as information on their website
  • promotion of training for professionals in the energy field (renewable energy technicians and installers specialised in thermal solar energy and solar photovoltaic/wind-electric energy)

Services offered by Enernalón include the following:

  • Information about renewable energy
  • Advice on the correct use of energy
  • Consultancy on energy project
  • Dissemination of energy information
  • Organisation of meetings and presentations

Services rendered to individuals:

  • Information and technical advise.
  • Elaboration of energy saving reports.
  • Promotion, education and information campaigns on environmental issues applied to consumption and educational fields.

Services rendered to businesses and industries:

  • Information and technical advise.
  • Elaboration of energy saving reports.
  • Execution of energy audits for buildings, industrial premises, workshops, etc.
  • Promotion of professional training in the energy field.

Services rendered to public bodies

  • Information and advise to municipal technicians.
  • Execution of energy audits for Town Councils, schools, libraries, etc.
  • Studies of municipal street lighting. Analysis of present state and proposal of improvements.

Other Services

  • Dissemination of information
  • Information on the website
  • Dissemination in different media
  • Support

Areas of expertise: dissemination of information, advise on specific energy issues, energy efficiency in transport, biofuels project above all in biodiesel,promotion of pellets and training courses (solar PV/wind Installer, thermal solar Installer and RES Technician).

Target audience: The "Nalón" area (about 100,000 people), as well as many other people in the Asturias region (1,200,000 people).