V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Agenzia Nazionale per le Nuove tecnologie, l'Energia e lo Sviluppo Economico Sostenibile


General Info

ENEA is the Italian Agency for new technologies, energy and environment and has the capacity to conduct and promote RTD&D project in energy field.

In particular, The Sustainable Development Agency Unit has many laboratories, facilities and senior scientists/engineers and technical personnel in staff involved in energy technology development, demonstration and promotion activities, as well providing with technical assistance public decision makers and energy market operators.

Furthermore, the Unit (ING) has acquired many experience and awareness on different innovative energy technologies as it has conducted/involved in many national and European projects.

In the field of Renewable Energy sources and energy saving, ENEA has carried out more than 300 projects as follows:

  • R & D on alternative energy (solar energy, wind energy, exploitation of biomass and waste, and hydrogen systems for the storage of energy obtained from renewables) and efficient use of energy;
  • promotion of rational energy use in industry, transportation and households, through education,
  • information and energy audits;
  • development of energy saving systems and components, with particular regard to innovation industrial plant, equipment, processes and technologies, including the development and testing of heat pumps for climate control;
  • development of energy system technologies related to power generation, transmission and use, and to energy intensive industrial plants;
  • research in the transportation sector, aimed at developing advanced mobility and traffic management systems, as well as energy-efficient vehicles with low environmental impact, through the application of advanced motor and combustion control system.