V.I.P. card - Energy Agency

Krajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii S.A.


The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency

General Info

The mission of KAPE is to develop and implement the principles for the attainment of sustainable energy policies in Poland.

To fulfil its mission KAPE aims to play a leading national role in the energy service market. In the development and implementation of sustainable energy policies for Poland, they shall look to European standards as a reference point and develop policy in co-operation with both Polish and foreign partners.

The position of KAPE in both national and European markets, experience in international projects realisation, the national and international contacts, high level of professional expertise together with experienced organisation and personnel are an advantage in achieving their mission and pursue the goals.

KAPE carries out activities aimed at rationalisation of energy management with respect to the environmental protection and through pro-ecological measures related to energy generation, transmission and utilisation.

KAPE's activities are development and realisation of various projects, consultancy, training and expertise in the following areas:

Sustainable development in buildings:

  • Thermomodernistation of buildings and heating stations;
  • District heating systems;
  • Energy monitoring and management systems in buildings

Sustainable energy policy:

  • sustainable energy policy instruments;
  • renewable energy resources;
  • dispersed combined electricity and heat generation;
  • energy saving transport

Environmental protection issues connected with energy processes:

  • impact of energy processes on the environment;
  • implementation of Kyoto Protocol mechanisms;
  • best energy-saving technologies

Municipal policy in the area of sustainable development and energy planning.

Promotion campaigns aimed at better social understanding of sustainable energy policy.