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Scottish Renewables


General Info

Scottish Renewables has represented the renewable energy industry in Scotland since 1996. Scottish Renewables Forum is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland, with a Board of Directors appointed as representatives of each renewable energy technology in Scotland.

Scottish Renewables is a cluster of key players with a common interest in the development of renewables in Scotland. There are two categories of involvement:

  • Members from the renewables industry with commercial interests in Scotland. The majority of Members are manufacturers, suppliers, developers or consultants, and member company size ranges from SME to plc.
  • Associates from Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and other parties with non-commercial interests in Scotland.

Scottish Renewables is largely funded through subscriptions from Members who receive benefits commensurate with membership of a Trade Association. The value of interaction with Associates has been proven since the inception of Scottish Renewables, and remains a vital aspect of activity. However, Scottish Renewables is independent of any political party or organisation.