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Agence Régionale pour l'Environnement de Midi-Pyrénées


General Info

The mandate of ARPE - L'Agence Régionale Pour l'Environnement de Midi-Pyrénées is to protect environment and to contribute arousing a sustainable development :
  • rational use of resources (air, water, natural space, waste)
  • sustainable mobility and promotion of clean transport
  • eco-citizenship : environment education
  • energy management and renewable promotion
  • promotion of environmental management (medium firms and very small farm produce industries)
  • solidarity, employment

Areas of expertise: changing citizen's behaviour for a sustainable mobility, dissemination of information, energy efficiency in building, advice on specific energy issue, promoting mobility plans, promotion of technology ...

Target audience:

  • to develop propositions
  • to provide technical support to projects managers
  • to set up actions of information, public awareness raising
  • to coordinate network
  • to experiment new methods