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MVV decon GmbH

General Info

MVV decon GmbH combines the many years of international experience and expertise of two world-renowned German consulting companies, which are rich in tradition. The merger of DECON Deutsche Energie-Consult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and MVV Consulting GmbH, which became effective on 1 October 2008, has created a larger, dynamic company that believes it has the potential to become a market leader.

Due to an optimal complementarity of business activities and a highly efficient structure, MVV decon GmbH believes it is able to offer a comprehensive range of engineering and consulting services in the fields of energy supply, energy efficiency, water and waste management, environment, management and policy.

MVV decon is a subsidiary of MVV Energie AG, one of the largest German public utilities. MVV decon draws on the expertise and experience of this modern service company, which it incorporates into the solutions it provides to its clients worldwide.