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Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency

General Info

The mission of the Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency is to contribute effectively to sustainable development in Co. Carlow and Co. Kilkenny by providing sustainable energy information, support and services to the people of Carlow and Kilkenny, to local businesses and community groups and to the Local Authorities.

The Objectives of the Agency are achieved through five focus areas:
1. Energy awareness and dissemination campaigns 
Providing information on renewable energy and energy efficient products, local developers, suppliers and installers. 

2. Energy management and procurement
Negotiation of energy supply contracts and management of electricity accounts and optimisation of Council operations for energy efficiency.

3. Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects 
Project management and facilitation for the Local Authorities, local community groups and businesses.

4. Sustainable energy training 
Organising training courses and workshops for local Authority staff and the public.

5. Energy Policy Development 
The Agency works with Carlow and Kilkenny County Councils to develop specific energy efficiency and renewable energy policies in County and Local development plans and public building initiatives. 

Through the implementation of these objectives, the Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency contributes to the Counties in terms of:

Expenditure – costs savings from energy efficiency and energy management activities

Social responsibility – demonstrating the Councils’ commitment to environmental protection and best practice

Legal requirements – assisting the Councils to comply with forthcoming energy efficiency and renewable energy commitments and targets 

History and Partnerships
The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency was established as a local energy agency in accordance with the terms of contract: EU contract number 4.1031/A/00-010/2000 under the EU SAVEII Programme of DG TREN - through the Departments of Community and Enterprise of Carlow County Council and Kilkenny County Council.

The Agency is part of a Europe wide network (ManagEnergy) and is partnered with two associated Agencies: Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Granada (Spain) and Agência Regional de Energia do Norte Alentejano (Portugal). 

The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency is also a member of the Association of Irish Energy Agencies (AIEA). 

The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency acts as secretariat for the Kilkenny Sustainable Energy Forum and Meitheal na Gaoithe.

The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency Works closely with Kilkenny LEADERPartnership and Carlow County Development Partnership on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the region.