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ISPE - Institute of Power Studies and Design

Instituti de Studii si Proiectari Energetice

General Info

ISPE is a private, independent engineering and consulting organisation. that offers a wide range of services from technical and financing consulting through to commissioning. Since its foundation in 1949, ISPE has developed into a leading national engineering company, with projects performed for the entire National Power System, from the generation to transmission systems for heat and power.

After 55 years of experience, ISPE knows that only on principles of maximum requirement it can achieve performance in the field of activity. It's clients' demands and expectations are increasing steadily, and in order to meet them it has a clear philosophy Services quality for it's clients satisfaction. It knows for sure that the company's mission turns viable through an appropriate strategy, focused first and foremost on the fact that people represent the main resource and support. ISPE is equally interested in keeping it's leadership in the power engineering and in permanently strengthening the company's prestige. As it is aware that the welfare of a company lies in its ability to adjust to changes, ISPE promotes the new, the know-how and the innovation as tools of its strategy. Lining up to the market requirements, improving it's services, high performance in the business area, converting the information into knowledge as well as a social responsible attitude constitute action criteria and features of it's company.

Areas of expertise:

  • Systems support for a sustainable energy development (energy efficiency, economic growth, environmental protection, etc.)
  • Business development and management systems,
  • Power (electricity and/or heat generation, transmission and distribution) systems development management,
  • Thermomechanical, electric and process control systems,
  • Systems for O&M, reliability, safety and availability,
  • Building management systems,
  • IT & C systems.

Target audience:

  • power industry,
  • environment,
  • other industries,
  • civil works,
  • municipalities,
  • financing institutions and bankers,
  • research centers and universities.