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Chandradeep Solar Research Institute


General Info

Chandradeep Solar Research Institute (CDSRI) is an initiative of some Eminent Scientists, Professors, Engineers and Media persons of International & National reputation.

CDSRI has academic & project collaboration with:

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Department of Energy, USA
EnEd Gmbh, Freiburg, Germany
Florida Solar Energy Centre, University of Florida
CDSRI is a premier institute of India to offer high quality education and research in Renewable Energy Science and Technology.

Chandradeep Solar Research Institute (CDSRI) is concerned with the application of technology to the challenges created by climate change. All areas of the field are considered with sections focusing on: renewable energy technologies, CO2 reduction and low carbon technologies, sustainable energy technologies in the built environment, and renewable energy management and environmental impact. CDSRI aims to provide training, research, innovation, discussion and publication across all area of this field.

CDSRI will also develop and maintain a premier bridge between engineering expertise in Carbon Management Technology and government and the public understanding of carbon management technologies.

This Centre will also work to create and maintain a focal point for unbiased interdisciplinary state-of-art engineering expertise on green house gas management options.