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Federazione Italiana per l'uso Razionale dell'Energia


Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy

General Info

The Italian Federation for energy efficiency – FIRE – is an independent non-profit organization, whose purpose is to promote the efficient use of energy. FIRE was founded in 1987 by ENEA (the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development) and two energy manager associations.

The association operates by supporting companies and people involved in the energy sector – both as supply and demand – through its institutional activities and its services. FIRE also promotes – in collaboration with the relevant institutions – a positive development of the legislative and regulatory framework in order to foster an efficient use of energy.

Since 1992 FIRE manages the Italian energy manager network on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development. FIRE promotes their role through various initiatives.

The corporate membership of FIRE – more than 200 organizations and 250 individuals – is one of the strengths of the Federation, as it involves members of the entire energy chain: producers of energy and technologies, energy service and engineering companies, energy managers, end-users of medium and large dimension, universities and research centers, etc. This gives FIRE a horizontal and multilateral approach to energy and allows the Federation to deal with issues from various points of view.

In 2008 FIRE launched SECEM, an internal structure dedicated to the
certification of the skills of the experts in energy management in accordance
with the UNI CEI 11339:2009 Italian standard. SECEM was accredited in 2012 according to
the ISO 17024 international standard.

FIRE acquired in 2010 the minority of Isnova, a company whose majority is owned by
ENEA, active in innovation and training in the energy sector.

FIRE activities: 

- promotion and activation of an "energy efficiency culture" through the diffusion of information, knowledge and best practices about the rational use of energy among policy makers, energy managers, public officers, market operators, and end-users; 

- training courses and workshops related to the energy market, energy efficiency solutions and technologies, RES, policy and incentive schemes (such as white certificates), energy audits and energy management systems, feasibility studies and financing of energy efficiency projects, etc.;

- studies, researches, surveys and analyses related to the market development and trends, the barriers and the solutions, the best practices, the innovative technologies, etc.; 

- lobby actions aimed at promoting energy efficiency among policy makers and decision makers; 

- participation as coordinators or partners to European projects.