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ISQ - Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade



General Info

ISQ is a private non profit organization, offering technical inspection, training and consultancy services, supported by research and development and by accredited laboratories. Energy Area of ISQ provides consultancy and auditing in energy efficiency and energy efficiency solutions ad a R&D area. Our main clients are Portuguese industry  and Large commercial Buildings. ISQ had participated in several EU Energy projects, as IEE (SAVE, ALTENER), FP6, FP7, LIFE, RFCS, Leonardo. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings;
  • Energy Labeling of Buildings;
  • Energy Simulation of Buildings;
  • Energy Efficiency in Industry;
  • Energy Efficiency in Transports;
  • Development of ESCO projects
  • Development of Measurement & Verification Plans (Energy Savings); 
  • Inspection in Energy Performance diagnosis of Heating and cooling equipment (Steam generator's, Boiler's, Chiller's, etc...);
  • Process Integration Analysis; 
  • Consultancy in Energy Efficient;
  • Development of Renewable Projects:
  • Solar energy (PV and solar thermal)
  • Hydro Energy;
  • Geo-Thermal;
  • Wind Energy;
  • Biodiesel

ISQ is shareholder of OEINERGE, Oeiras Municipal Agency for Energy and Environment

Target audience: Industry, large commercial buildings, residential buildings;