ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.


  • English local authorities team up to encourage energy efficiency

    Published on 09 Jul 2013

    Local authorities in the northeast of England have teamed together to offer energy efficiency measures to householders and businesses that will be repaid for through electricity bills. The public private partnership initiative, known as Warm Up North, is the first local authority response to the UK government’s recent Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) legislation.

  • KredEx — Estonia's funding revolution

    Published on 09 Jul 2013

    In 2009 the Estonian public financing institution, Fund KredEx, became the first European financial institution to launch a revolving loan fund for improving energy efficiency in apartment buildings. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the €49 million KredEx fund supported renovations in 18,281 apartments covering 1,189,398 m². Energy saving of 36% are expected.

  • Local authority loans for community renewables

    Published on 09 Jul 2013

    In the UK, awareness of climate change and its relation to energy supply is at an all-time high. The current technological and legislative context offers significant financial incentives for the expansion of renewable energy systems. This has created an attractive environment for shared investment in and ownership of renewable energy technologies.

  • Structural Cohesion Funds for energy efficiency in buildings 2007-2013

    Published on 04 Jul 2013

    In light of the current economic situation, one way the public sector can invest in building energy efficiency is by using European Structural and Cohesion Funds, financial tools set up to implement the regional policies of the European Union (also known as Cohesion Policy). Structural Funds are made up of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF)Cohesion Funds are used to fund projects in the environment, transport, infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. More than a third of the European Union budget is used for Cohesion Policy.

  • EU and citizen-led initiatives working together to boost sustainable energy investments

    Published on 28 Jun 2013

    ManagEnergy’s annual conference was the first session of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2013. Jointly organised with the Covenant of Mayors, the conference's main theme directly tackled current political, economic and social concerns and the need for new financial models to boost sustainable energy investments in Europe. 

  • Energy efficiency & public-private partnerships: What you need to know

    Published on 13 Jun 2013

    ManagEnergy talks with Stuart Broom at the EIB’s European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC) about energy performance contracting and what local authorities need to do to get energy efficiency projects ready for the next funding period.

  • Tour-de-table: Communication in energy agencies

    Published on 05 Jun 2013

    ManagEnergy interviews communication representatives from energy agencies in Austria, Belgium and Netherlands on the implmentation of Article 20 of the recast EPBD relating to the provision of information. 

  • Enabling ESCO – the inside story from Cyprus, Portugal & Ireland

    Published on 04 Jun 2013

    What can be done to encourage ESCO take-up in an early stage market? ManagEnergy takes a tour-de-table around Ireland, Cyprus and Portugal to find out.

  • Finance for green infrastructure in 2014

    Published on 03 Jun 2013

    Earlier this month the European Commission adopted a new strategy for encouraging the use of green infrastructure, and for ensuring that the enhancement of natural processes becomes a systematic part of spatial planning.

  • ELENA finances EPCs in Italy

    Published on 30 May 2013

    ManagEnergy caught up with Claudia Carani of the Modena Energy Agency (AESS) at its recent capacity building workshop in Sardinia where she described recent developments in the municipality’s €54 million ELENA-funded energy efficiency project.

  • More ambitious energy savings in new member states possible

    Published on 29 May 2013

    New Member States should be much more ambitious in terms of energy savings in multi-apartment buildings according to the head of award-winning Latvian not-for-profit energy service company, Renesco. The company is currently achieving up to 60% energy savings in such buildings through comprehensive renovation and in future renovations aims to achieve energy savings of 70-85%.