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Energy saving measures for buildings

In Europe 40% of our energy is used in buildings, which is more than the energy used by industry or transport. There is great potential for energy savings in this field, often at little cost. The European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings contributes to improving the energy performance of buildings. This video offers useful tips on energy saving measures for buildings. Watch this video.

Sustainable cooling helps fight global warming (2007)

Sustainable cooling help fight global warmingSummer heat waves are becoming harder to bear. The demand for air conditioning is on the rise, especially in office buildings. Yet buildings alone represent 40% of the EU's energy consumption, and air conditioning accounts for a significant part of it. In addition, air conditioning produces greenhouse gas emissions, aggravating global warming and putting at risk European climate protection commitments.This video shows how two projects help improve existing office buildings and design new buildings in innovative ways to provide their occupants with sustainable cooling. Watch this video in the IEE video library.