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Clearinghouse Support - Paving the way for better energy performance of buildings in the EU

Baltic Energy Conservation Agency, Poland


Clearinghouse Support is an IEE project that aims to facilitate the implementation of energy saving measures in buildings. It is a pilot initiative for the practical implementation of the EU’s policy goals through direct assistance to project owners. This assistance is organised in the form of Project Service Facilities (PSF) operating in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Greece. At the end of September 2009, 218 projects were supported by these five PSFs.

The project’s objectives are as follows:

  • to address public authorities, housing associations/municipalities that have a potential for large-scale building renovations
  • to improve access to information regarding energy conservation
  • to provide practical assistance to project owners concerning project identification and documentation by giving technical support in the field of thermo-modernisation and renewable energy
  • to support developing thermo-modernisation projects

The target groups for this project are: owners and administrators of residential and public buildings, institutions financing thermo-modernisation projects and companies conducting thermo-modernisation activities.


72 projects, supported so far by the Pomeranian PSF, led to reductions in energy consumption of 17 000 MWh/year. 54 of the supported projects belong to the public sector – mainly hospitals, schools, and health-centres. Together they have reduced energy consumption by 14 000 MWh/year. The remaining 18 projects belong to the residential sector – particularly multifamily houses – and have led to reductions of 3 000 MWh/year. Thermo-modernisation activities include complex measures such as: external wall insulation, roof insulation, better windows, retrofitting heating and hot water installations, installation of RES – solar collectors and biomass boilers.

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