Major European Initiatives

Covenant of Mayors

The Covenant of Mayors is an initiative of the European Commission that brings together towns and cities who voluntarily commit to go beyond the objectives of EU energy policy in terms of reducing CO2 emissions through enhanced energy efficiency and cleaner energy production and use. In order to demonstrate such commitment, Covenant signatories submit a sustainable energy action plan outlining the measures and policies they will implement to achieve their objectives.


The CIVITAS initiative addresses ambitious cities that are introducing or that are seriously committed to introduce sustainable urban transport policy strategies. The aim is to achieve a significant change in the modal split towards sustainable transport modes.


ELTIS facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of urban mobility in Europe. It provides a regular news round up, case studies, videos, a photo library, policy reviews, handbooks, on-line tools and much more.

The European Mobility Week

The  European Mobility Week campaign is an opportunity for all the participating cities and towns to show to what extent environmental issues concern them. The operation will allow them to demonstrate their commitment to a better quality of life in the urban environment. Naturally,  offering people an alternative means of getting around  entails rethinking the layout of highways. Therefore, the European Mobility Week is a unique opportunity in the year for elected town councillors to test their transport policies and present them to their citizens.

Thet operation is centred on three types of measures, designed to:

  • encourage the use of alternative forms of transport and travel other than private cars,
  • raise awareness and inform city-dwellers of what is at stake so far as concerns long-term mobility in towns and the risks connected with pollution,
  • show the town in another light thanks in particular to reduced motorised traffic within restricted areas.

European Green Capital

The general aim of the European Green Capital initiative is to improve the European, urban environment – and thus the environment as a whole. With 80%. Europe's population living in an urban environment, it is natural for cities to play a key role in making the environment greener and improving the quality of life of its citizens.