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June 2011

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March 2013

  • Mediumgeodh-logo-site

    Beltinci, Slovenia
    from 13 Mar 2013 to 13 Mar 2013

    The aim of the GeoDH workshops is to identify and assess barriers to Geothermal District Heating projects in 14 countries in order to create and present recommendations for their removal. Participants are invited from a variety of backgrounds and from those fields which may have relevant information or knowledge to contribute on the discussion on Geothermal and District Heating in these countries. A full list of these workshops is available at

May 2013

November 2013

  • Mediumnzb_logo_cb9

    Ljubljana and nationwide, Slovenia
    from 08 Nov 2013 to 17 Nov 2013

    During Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Open Doors Slovenia 2013, approximately 20 residential buildings and 10 public/commercial buildings which incorporate nearly zero energy design features will open their doors to the general public and building professionals. The objective is to enable people have direct experiences of these buildings to inspire them to adopt nearly zero energy ambitions when designing, buying or refurbishing their own buildings.
  • Mediumnzb_logo_cb9

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    from 08 Nov 2013 to 17 Nov 2013
    see: http://www.0energijskehiš

    "Skoraj ničenergijske hiše: Že danes obiščite hiše prihodnosti« je projekt, ki ga je finančno podprla Evropska komisija v okviru programa Intelligent Energy Europe. Širši javnosti želimo omogočiti obisk novih in prenovljenih stavb, s poudarkom na skoraj ničenergijskih standardih. Osrednja ideja je, da bodo obiskovalci dobili uporabne in neodvisne izkušnje na področju skoraj nič-energijskih stavb. Med obiskom se bodo seznanili z življenjskimi, delovnimi in gradbenimi izkušnjami lastnikov stavb.

February 2014

June 2014

January 2015

June 2015

  • Medium1

    Kranj, Slovenia
    from 17 Jun 2015 to 17 Jun 2015

    Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska will on Wensday 17th of June, organize an information booth at Maistrov market (Maistrov trg) in Kranj. Visitors to the stand will be able to test electric bicycle and the representative of ENSVET will offer energy advices on investments in energy saving measures which could be implemented in households. In collaboration with various companies operating in the Gorenjska region, we will also present successful projects and services.

October 2015

June 2016

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