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May 2014

  • Mediumlogo_gwc

    Oslo, Norway
    from 05 May 2014 to 06 May 2014

    The conference will focus on further onshore and offshore wind energy market development in Norway and will offer an update on cutting-edge technologies for wind turbines, blades, foundations and grid connection. It will also discuss the project finance and insurance options available for developers and look into the bottlenecks which hamper development and opportunities in Norway for both domestic and international players.

April 2015

  • Mediumnee

    Kristiansand, Norway
    from 23 Apr 2015 to 23 Apr 2015

    EPC seminar focusing on experiences and results from EPC-projects introduced by various actors in the Norwegian EPC market, describing the different roles in EPC-projects, emphasizing the role of the facilitator. The European Code of Conduct will be introduced and ESCO’s invited to become signatories. Enova, the Norwegian Energy Agency will present their offer in connection with further development of the EPC market. The new Norwegian Standard for EPC-projects will be introduced.

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