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June 2011

  • Mediumrdc2011

    Östersund, Sweden
    from 14 Jun 2011 to 15 Jun 2011
    see: http://www.rdc2011.se

    During RDC2011 speakers will submit their views on how to create synergies between efforts to promote the EU2020 strategy and the development of renewable energy and cleantech for the benefit of all regions. Examples from regions and companies where innovations have transferred into businesses and jobs, will be highlighted. RDC2011 will be a meeting place between SMEs, entrepreneurs, academia and public authorities.

October 2011

  • Mediumvaexjoe

    Växjö, Sweden
    from 29 Oct 2011 to 29 Oct 2011
    see: http://www.vaxjo.se/gronare

    This event will also be a part of the European project ENGAGE, a pan-European communications initiative that seeks to engage citizens and stakeholders at a local level to play their part in building a sustainable energy future. Local authorities use ENGAGE as a communication tool to share the Covenant of Mayors objectives within their territory. Activities will include photo shoots for a poster campaign, climate challenge between politicians, mini seminars, exhibitions and a theatre production.

September 2012

October 2012

  • Mediumconference_logo

    Stockholm, Sweden
    from 18 Oct 2012 to 19 Oct 2012
    see: http://www.sgc.se/gasification

    This annual two day event has established itself as a well-recognised international platform for networking and exchange of information, results and experiences within the field of biomass gasification. The seminar has a technical and industrial focus. Industrial gasification projects are presented together with the latest advances in process and system integration.

February 2013

March 2013

April 2013

September 2013

  • Mediumgwc_logo_3_stripes

    Stockholm, Sweden
    from 09 Sep 2013 to 10 Sep 2013
    see: http://greenworldconferences.com/produkt_98_baltic_wind_power_2013-event_home.htm

    Baltic Wind Power 2013 conference offers a unique synergy between the growing renewables industry, mainstream power sector and finance providers. Renewable energy has not only seen rapid growth but will also continue its way into the mainstream power industry. Utilities will have to adopt renewable energy and incorporate it into the energy mix. There has never been a better time to participate at Baltic Wind Power 2013.
  • Mediumcovenant-capacity_logo_rgb_122

    Lund/tbd, Sweden
    from 01 Sep 2013 to 01 Sep 2013
    see: http://www.klimatkommunerna.se/?page=page4f71b7c59fd00

    To make your SEAP a good working tool, you need to do this: –Know your baseline well. –SEAP development process,how to settle a working group, get proper support from politicians/city council/relevant Heads within the administration, setting relevant targets and actions etc. –Funding, how can you find extra funding for your actions. –Stakeholder involvement – insure that set targets and actions feelrelevant to all parties involved and make them feel responsible for their part of the work.
  • Mediumnord

    Umeå, Sweden
    from 18 Sep 2013 to 18 Sep 2013
    see: http://www.co-creation2013.se

    In relation to the Nordic Council of Ministers' Conference on Sustainable Development 18 September in Umeå, Sweden a network session is organized by the Baltic Sea Region Club . The meeting will include an overall status, case-examples from the Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club will be presented along with designated time for sharing of experiences and knowledge on the Covenant of Mayors from the Baltic Sea Region.
  • Mediumklima

    Stockholm, Sweden
    from 25 Sep 2013 to 25 Sep 2013
    see: http://www.klimatkommunerna.se/

    We will hear about the new road map for Stockholm and how it works as driver in climate action, communication and stakeholder involvment in Karlstad and new methods of calculating climate emissions related to consumption in Sollentuna. Also workshop and discussions.

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February 2014

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May 2014

  • Mediumregatec_logo

    Malmö, Sweden
    from 22 May 2014 to 23 May 2014
    see: http://www.regatec.org

    REGATEC 2014 has a technical and industrial focus and is directed towards microbial and thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and waste to biomethane. REGATEC includes plenary and parallel sessions, a poster session, an exhibition and excellent opportunities to network and find new collaboration and business partners. The speaker list includes leading high profile experts from three continents, representatives for the European Commission and unique first-of-a-kind industrial bioSNG projects.

June 2014

  • Mediumjankoping

    Jönköping, Sweden
    from 03 Jun 2014 to 03 Jun 2014
    see: http://www.elmia.se/en/worldbioenergy/

    Organised every second year this major global bioenergy get-together is based on the unique “Taking you from Know-How to Show-How” concept, combining tradeshow, conference sessions, field excursions and matchmaking into one comprehensive event. This way academic research and development blends with commercial experience providing a better business context.

September 2014

  • Mediumimg_0074

    Berns, Berzelii Park, Stockholm, Sweden
    from 17 Sep 2014 to 18 Sep 2014
    see: http://atnd.it/12481-0

    Pa Energy Summit 2014 samlas en mangd nyckelspelare for att diskutera aktuella och framtida utmaningar som ror energisektorn och energiintensiv industri. Konferensen ager rum den 17-18 september 2014 Time: From 8:20 am to 4:30 pm. Price: Konferens: 9990

November 2014

  • Mediumnzb_logo_cb4

    Southeast Sweden, Sweden
    from 07 Nov 2014 to 09 Nov 2014
    see: http://www.miljoklokahus.se

    The NZEB Open Doors Sweden campaign "Miljökloka hus" wants to give hands-on-experience with nearly zero energy buildings to the broad public and public authorities. We will organise the open doors days in Sweden in 7-9th November 2014. During this event both public and private actors can visit new and refurbished houses and public buildings, highlighting nearly zero energy standards, passive houses, plus energy buildings, PV and other innovative energy solutions.
  • Mediumalvbesta

    Alvesta, Sweden
    from 13 Nov 2014 to 13 Nov 2014
    see: http://managenergy.net/workshops/1942

    This ManagEnergy workshop, organised with the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, was held on 13 November 2014 in Alvesta, Sweden.

May 2016

  • Medium2016_regatec_logo_signature_390x130

    Malmö, Sweden
    from 10 May 2016 to 11 May 2016
    see: http://www.regatec.org

    REGATEC 2016 has a technical and industrial focus and is directed towards microbial and thermochemical conversion of biomass/waste to biomethane, Power-to-gas, gasification of biomass/waste for CHP production, and cryogenic upgrading/liquefaction. REGATEC includes plenary and parallel sessions, a poster session, an exhibition and excellent opportunities to network and find new collaboration and business partners. 60+ experts will highlight the latest advances.

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