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March 2013

  • Mediumgeodh-logo-site

    Krakow, Poland
    from 19 Mar 2013 to 19 Mar 2013
    see: http://geodh.eu/

    The aim of the GeoDH workshops is to identify and assess barriers to Geothermal District Heating projects in 14 countries in order to create and present recommendations for their removal. Participants are invited from a variety of backgrounds and from those fields which may have relevant information or knowledge to contribute on the discussion on Geothermal and District Heating in these countries. A full list of these workshops is available at http://geodh.eu/events/

April 2013

October 2013

  • Mediumrenexpo

    Warsaw, Poland
    from 16 Oct 2013 to 16 Oct 2013
    see: http://www.renexpo-warsaw.com/index.php?id=7&L=1

    The RENEXPO® (Renewable ENergy EXPOsition) Poland is not only one of Poland's largest and most significant event on renewable energies, but also creates an energy platform in the country.The trade fair, becoming a tradition, as well as the conferences demonstrate how simple and ecologic the future energy generation, supply and usage can become.

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  • Mediumeuropean-logo

    Sopot, Poland
    from 12 Jun 2014 to 13 Jun 2014
    see: http://eltis.org/1st_european_conference_on_sump.html.

    The first European Conference on SUMPs will be entitled 'Planning for a Liveable City', and will be the first of its kind. The conference will offer a creative environment to explore how planning can contribute to developing liveable cities. Participants can learn and bring in their own ideas and experiences in parallel workshops covering a wide array of themes. The programme an registration details: http://eltis.org/1st_european_conference_on_sump.html.

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