Energy agencies at a glance

energy agencies

Local and regional energy agencies (LAREAs) enhance the introduction of good energy management practices, advocate the concept of sustainability, provide information and guidance and offer services tailored to specific local energy needs. Energy agencies are supported mainly by public authorities. Most of them have been co-financed by the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme, as well as the SAVE Programme. For more information, please see the historical background of the energy agencies.

Energy agencies – activities

Local and regional players, whether energy producers or consumers, equipment suppliers or users, can find a range of services at their local or regional energy agency. Click here to find out what local and regional energy agencies do. 

Energy agencies advise local authorities on all aspects of sustainable energy, as well as providing technical assistance in the design of energy projects and the dissemination of information. These agencies support local development by acting as an intermediary between the local/regional authority and local/regional players in the energy market.

From a European perspective, local and regional energy agencies (LAREAs) also:

  • Act as a local contact point between European networks and local institutions 
  • Help to change behaviour, create local jobs, and attract investments
  • Contribute to the transfer of know-how and best practices from all over Europe to the local level
  • Contribute to achieving the EU 2020 energy targets at local level
  • Represent local authorities inEurope

Energy agencies – background and future development

SAVE Agencies

The SAVE Programme is a European Commission initiative that started in the 1990s to support local authorities in the energy field. The aim of this programme was to stimulate, for the first time a 'bottom up' approach to energy management by encouraging local and regional action on energy efficiency including the use of local energy resources and sustainable development at the local level. To achieve this aim, SAVE co-funded the creation of autonomous Energy Management Agencies at local and regional levels. These Agencies have cooperated with FEDARENE (European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies) and ENERGY-CITIES (Network for of local authorities) and ISLENET (European network for energy and environment on islands).

The IEE energy agencies

Since 2004, energy agencies have been created under the Intelligent Energy Europe - Programme. Energy agencies aim to contribute to the implementation of the European, national, regional and local energy policies, leading to changes in the decision makers' and citizens' behaviour. Thereby moving towards efficient use of energy, improved knowledge of renewable energy and triggering investments in renewable energy especially at local and regional level. The  Intelligent Energy Europe - Programme supports the Covenant of Mayors initiative by funding relevant porjects. Find more about the role of local and regional energy agencies in the Covenant of Mayors here.

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