Key EU funding

Intelligent Energy – Europe SAVE Programme

Activities funded under the Intelligent Energy - Europe SAVE Programme aim to tap this large potential for energy savings by improving energy efficiency and rational use of energy resources, in particular in buildings and industry.

Activities under SAVE aim at the facilitation of the optimum implementation of legislation relating to energy efficiency, support preparation of legislative measures and change energy behaviour, so that society uses less energy while enjoying the same or an even better quality of life.

In this respect, institutional capacity-building, awareness-raising, access to capital, training and clear, credible and accessible information on energy-efficient technologies and practices are key elements of SAVE which will foster rational behaviour. They should mobilise the general public, investors and policy-makers, at all levels of government, to take measures increasing energy efficiency.

SAVE projects may cover one or more of the following Key Actions:

  • Energy-efficient buildings: for action raising the energy performance of new and existing buildings, in both the residential and tertiary sectors, where the potential is estimated to be around 27% and 30% of energy use, respectively.
  • Industrial excellence in energy: for action increasing energy efficiency in industry, in particular SMEs. Although industry has made more rapid progress on energy efficiency than other sectors, the potential savings remain high, in the order of 25% in manufacturing industry.
  • Energy-efficient products: for actions that will lead to the increase in the market share of energy-efficient products and will encourage users to choose and use them rationally.

European Local Energy Assistance: ELENA


The European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are implementing the ELENA technical assistance facility to help local and regional authorities unlock their sustainable energy investment potential. The ELENA facility aims to boost investment projects in the areas of energy efficiency; renewable energy sources and sustainable urban transport, replicating successful stories from other parts of Europe. ELENA support covers a share of the cost for technical support that is necessary to prepare, implement and finance the investment programme, such as feasibility and market studies, structuring of programmes, business plans, energy audits, preparation for tendering procedures - in short, everything necessary to make cities' and regions' sustainable energy projects ready for EIB funding. Up to 90% of eligible costs can be covered by a community grant, following a selection and award procedure. The facility is funded from the Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE) programme, and has an initial budget of EUR 15 million for the first year of operation.

Full details of the conditions attached to the grant financing and an explanatory brochure are available at: