Key EU Legislation and Policies - Mobility and Transport

Information on key EU legislation and policies in the field of mobility and transport can be found on the Urban Mobility and Transport Portal ELTIS.

In addition to regular policy updates, ELTIS facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in areas such as sustainable urban transport, intelligent transport systems, clean and energy efficient vehicles.

It provides a regular news round-up, case studies, videos, a photo library, policy reviews, handbooks, on-line tools and much more. Visit the ELTIS portal.

Transport planning. Priority lanes for bus, taxi and bicycle London. Source: ELTIS logo Collective passenger transport.Metro to ├śrestad, Copenhagen. Source: Cycling. Gent Student Bike System. Source:

Clean and energy-efficient vehicles. E-Loading station. Source: Cycling. Bicycle rental system in Krakow. Source: Walking. Elderly people. Source: Collective passenger transport. Bus lanes in Krakow. Source: