IEE2-SAVE-1 Energy-efficient buildings

See IEE2 - SAVE for further information about SAVE, as well as Info Day Video Recordings and Call documents which include guidance and details of priorities for action, indicators, key players and target groups.

Objectives of this Key Action

  • To improve the energy performance of new and existing buildings and promote integration of renewable energy sources
  • To foster adoption of intelligent energy use patterns in buildings.
  • To improve the capacity of building professionals to offer intelligent energy solutions and increase demand for such solutions.
  • To facilitate implementation and monitoring of Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD).
  • To ensure that the recommendations issued with the energy performance certificates are followed by practical action and thus lead to actual energy savings.
  • To foster action beyond the EPBD requirements.vTo contribute to furtherance of the EPBD in line with the suggestions listed in the Energy Efficiency Action Plan.

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