IEE2-ALTENER-4 Biofuels

See IEE2 - ALTENER for further information, as well as Info Day Video Recordings and Call documents which include guidance and details of priorities for action, indicators, key players and target groups.

Objectives of this Key Action

  • To support policy development by transferring experience and improving understanding and benchmarks of the energy performance, environmental impact, land use requirements and potential contributions of biofuels (biodiesel, bio-alcohols, biogas and bio-additives) to fuel consumption in transport and other uses; to promote and exchange experience of EU, national, local and regional policies, legislation and support schemes; and to make biofuels policies more consistent with other sectoral policies and objectives.
  • To promote production, transparent certification of environmental sustainability, processing and trading of the potentially most economical and sustainable biofuels (within the EU and in non-EU countries), whilst removing market barriers and simplifying approval procedures.
  • To change the behaviour of public and fuel industry decision-makers, stakeholders in the biofuels market (including farmers, foresters and distributors) so that they communicate better and work together to create competitive products and services through economies of scale.
  • To encourage investment in production (planting, managing growth and harvesting) and processing of more competitive first-generation biofuels with less environmental impact and in second-generation biofuels and in enhanced distribution infrastructure for biofuels.
  • To train more biofuels professionals, technicians and craftsmen.

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