Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Actions in Latvia


This workshop brought local stakeholders a lot of information about upcoming funding opportunities. To improve the basis for the development it will from 2016 be mandatory for municipalities to prepare local energy plans. 

The new period of EU funds 2014-20 will provide funding for various types of sustainable energy investments. A key support line will be for energy saving in buildings, where a tentative amount of 31 MEUR is allocated. The exact criteria will be determined in the remaining part of this year in order that the funding can start to materialise from 2016. Another source is a Climate Change Financing Instrument that at the moment can support projects in areas such as street lighting and in the future it will turn into an emission quotas action instrument. 

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is gaining momentum as a concept that can give dynamics into EE building projects. Standardised contracts and procedures are under development to streamline EPC projects offering ‘deep renovation’ due to a goal of renovating 50% of the multi-family building stock over the next 20 years. One of the local EPC companies (ESCO) presented their experience and views. 

The subsequent discussion revealed a high interest from the participants to understand the new funding opportunities and concepts, including ‘looking behind’ the implications for the Latgale region. At the end of the day was organised a site visit to local good practice of building renovation with help from the Climate Change Financial Instrument. 

On Day 2’s roundtable entailed an intensive discussion among key stakeholders in the forming of sustainable energy policy and practice in Latvia. One part of the discussion addressed the prospects of introducing EPC as a vehicle for EE projects. EBRD’s examination of existing projects gave positive indication for the future in this regard. Another part of the discussion concerned how other type of innovative instruments and financial programs could be introduced to accelerate sustainable energy actions and views among the participants in such respect were exchanged. 

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Riga, Latvia

Organised by: Latvian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF), EC Network

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Name: Nils Daugaard
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