Networking event for energy agencies at Open Days 2015

Palais des Académies, rue Ducale 1

Target audience

Local / Regional energy agency & National networks of energy agencies


Designed in a fully interactive way, the 4th edition of this ManagEnergy networking event for energy agency directors focused on all aspects that could help an energy agency become one-stop-shops not only for technical projects but also for investment plans in energy efficiency and renewables. Energy agencies will use some of the most successful examples across Europe as a basis for the interactive discussions.

A small signing ceremony took place for energy agencies joining the Covenant of Mayors Initiative or for those who joined after June 2014. Visit the Local and Regional Agencies Corner on the Covenant of Mayors website.



Session I – Support to bundle investment packages
  • Filip Dumitriu , FEDARENE – Presentation of Brochure: “Innovative Financing Schemes in Local and Regional Energy Efficiency Policies”
  • Piergabriele Andreoli, Director of AESS – Provincial Energy Agency of Modena (Italy)
Session II – 2nd Covenant of Mayors Signing Ceremony for Local and Regional Energy Agencies
Session III – Support in managing a local low carbon fund
  • Carlos Sousa , AGENEAL – Almada Local Energy Agency (Portugal)
  • Sheryl French , Cambridgeshire County Council (UK) – MLEI Low Carbon Hub
Session IV – Support to bottom-up initiatives
  • Paul Kenny , CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency (Ireland) – Templederry Community wind farm
  • Christian Labie , Director of RAEE – Rhône-Alpes Energy and Environment Agency (France) Communities with Photovoltaic Plants
  • Paul Kenny , CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency (Ireland) – Tipperary Superhomes Pilot “Pay as You Save” Proposal
  • Samantha Jacson , Nord Pas-de-Calais Region (France) – SEM Nord Energies




Brussels, Belgium

Organised by: FEDARENE

Location details: Palais des Académies, rue Ducale 1

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Telephone: +32 (0)2 646 82 10