Joint IEE – ETC contractors' meeting: Accelerating change at the local level for effective delivery of sustainable energy solutions, Brussels, 15-16 May 2013

Marivaux Hotel - Congress and Seminaries Centre

Target audience

European Territorial Cooperation and Intellgient Energy Europe projects and programme secretariats


Intelligent Energy Europe and INTERACT Point Viborg organised the second joint ETC-IEE contractors' meeting. The event gathered 45 projects from IEE  and European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programmes including URBACT and representatives from 11 Joint Technical Secretariats (JTS). Keynote speakers, Marie Donnelly (Director ENER) and Colin Wolfe (Head of ETC Unit, REGIO) stressed the importance of strengthening cross-programme collaboration for speeding up the delivery of energy efficiency targets. The participants discussed and exchanged best practices on peer learning, integration of sustainable energy into urban planning, and regional energy strategy planning. This joint meeting serves as a best practice example on effective collaboration between EU programmes and it received an overwhelming positive feedback from participants.

The meeting covered the following questions:

How have European Funds been used to facilitate knowledge transfer between local authorities? What are critical success factors in securing integrated energy/climate actions in urban and spatial planning and how can we build the capacity of planners to that extent? What role do regional authorities play in empowering local action? What good practice examples exist of sustainable energy planning at regional level across Europe? What financing mechanisms are suitable for the delivery of sustainable energy actions at local and regional level?

Report on the meeting's four sessions

Learn about particpating projects here

A new publication, Accelerating change – delivering sustainable energy solutions, has been published showcasing good practices from Intelligent Energy-Europe and European Territorial Co-operation projects. The publication presents innovative and inspirational projects grouped by theme: peer learning, spatial planning, and multi-level governance. A section on project financing highlights projects such as Energies POSIT‘IFManagEnergy award winner RE:FIT, and ESCO-Limburg2020 among others.

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Brussels, Belgium

Organised by: Interact & ManagEnergy

Location details: Marivaux Hotel - Congress and Seminaries Centre

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