The role of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive towards a building stock generating and/or using more renewable energy

DG ENER, Rue de Mot 24, Brussels

The objective of the workshop was to gather specific input on the topic of renewable energy in buildings in the context of the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings directive. The workshop provided specific expert views on the following points that will add up to the contributions to the on-going public consultation partly covering the same topic: 

o What is the situation regarding the introduction of renewable energy in buildings? Is the building stock moving in the right direction? At the right pace? 

o Is the situation different depending on building categories (e.g. different for the residential and non-residential buildings) and/or depending on the nature of work (e.g. new buildings vs existing buildings)? Is this differentiation legitimate? 

o Can this situation and its evolution be attributed to the Directive, its national/regional implementation or to other external factors?



Brussels, Belgium

Location details: DG ENER, Rue de Mot 24, Brussels

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