Empowering local authorities to build sustainable energy... Empowering local authorities to build sustainable energy and climate strategies. The EMPOWERING project, funded...
Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum Accelerating investment in climate adaptation and sustainable energy are important to ensure a clean energy transition and help
First Master Class has just started!

We proudly announce – our first Master Class to be held today at the Brussels Comic Book Museum, an interesting venue that the ManagEnergy team hopes will inspire our participants.

Commission appoints members of High Level Stakeholder Platform

Following an open selection process, the Commission has appointed 30 members to a new high-level multi-stakeholder platform to follow up on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the EU.

The Commission adopts Mobility and Climate Change Package

College meeting: Mobility and Climate Change package; pre-accession support for Turkey; Glyphosate and preparation of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU. Reinforcing EU's global leadership in clean vehicles...

Nicosia is changing 100% of street lighting with LED

The Nicosia municipality (capital of Cyprus) respecting its commitments from the Covenant of Mayors and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, proceeds with the implementation of a major project to upgrade the...

Bundling sustainable energy investments for Girona´s...

Girona Provincial Council’s BEenerGi programme provides technical, legal and financial assistance to over 70 small municipalities in Girona who are ready to make significant energy savings.