Key EU funding

Intelligent Energy – Europe ALTENER Programme

ALTENER is the action of the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme that focuses on:

  • Renewable energy sources for electricity
  • Renewable energy sources for heat
  • Small scale renewable energy source applications
  • Alternative fuels and vehicles

The overall aim of the ALTENER programme is to make an essential contribution to increasing use and market share of renewable energy sources, which are environmentally sustainable and constitute a major component of the Community strategy to abate greenhouse gas emissions

European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA)

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The European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are implementing the ELENA technical assistance facility to help local and regional authorities unlock their sustainable energy investment potential. The ELENA facility aims to boost investment projects in the areas of energy efficiency; renewable energy sources and sustainable urban transport, replicating successful stories from other parts of Europe. ELENA support covers a share of the cost for technical support that is necessary to prepare, implement and finance the investment programme, such as feasibility and market studies, structuring of programmes, business plans, energy audits, preparation for tendering procedures - in short, everything necessary to make cities' and regions' sustainable energy projects ready for EIB funding. Up to 90% of eligible costs can be covered by a community grant, following a selection and award procedure. The facility is funded from the Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE) programme, and has an initial budget of EUR 15 million for the first year of operation.

European Energy Programme for Recovery

The European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR)  is designed to help speed up and secure investments on infrastructure and technology projects in the energy sector in order to improve the security of supply of the Member States and to speed up the implementation of the 20/20/20 objectives for 2020.

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Research on energy and transport are funded under the specific programme on Cooperation for which the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) allocates EUR 32.4 billion.  The Cooperation Programme, which supports cooperative research among universities, industry, research centres and public authorities throughout the EU and beyond, is sub-divided into ten themes. Transport (including aeronautics), energy, environment (including climate change) and information and computer technologies are four of these themes.

More information about funding opportunities under the energy , transport, environment (including climate change) and ICT themes can be accessed on the FP7 website.

Opportunities for funding can also be found under the FP7's Capacities Programme particularly in the areas of "regions of knowledge" and "support to the coherent development of research policies".