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First grid-connected PV system in Transylvania, Romania

denaUnder the "dena Solar Roof Programme for Foreign Market Development", the first grid-connected photovoltaic system (including back-up system) and a solar thermal system were built in Transylvania on the roof of the Protestant parish kindergarten. In September 2010, the inauguration was attended by leading figures from politics and business in Sighisoara.

The project was jointly realised by the German Energy Agency - dena - (Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH) and project partner AS Solar GmbH under the Renewable Energies Export Initiative, which is funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). In March 2010, dena organised a trip to Romania with AS Solar GmbH, where the company was able to make important contacts. "The thorough preparation for the trip, as well as establishing contacts with relevant decision makers on the spot, was an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project," said Claudia Vogel, Head of the Renewable Energies division at dena. "The fact that we were discussing the grid connection with grid operators and utility companies at a very early stage made the pilot project possible in the first place. With the implementation of the project we want to create awareness of the relevance of renewable energy in the Romanian population."

As part of dena's Solar Roof Programme, together with a representative on site, the company AS Solar founded an academy to train tradesmen and installers. The goal is to train competent specialists who pass on their know-how. The transfer of knowledge and policy advice is one of the main tasks of the dena Solar Roof Programme. With the installation of the first grid-connected PV system in Transylvania, the programme has created a foundation for further positive development of the solar industry in Romania.  It also sets a value chain in motion locally, which contributes to the spread of renewable energy in the European Union.

Since 2004, over 30 projects have been implemented worldwide under the dena Solar Roof Programme. The demonstration systems set up provide the opportunity to get an idea of solar energy and its technical possibilities. Participating companies, as well as representatives from politics and business, consistently describe the programme as a success story.

The dena Solar Roof Programme is just one of many activities of dena’s Renewable Energies division. Amongst others, the division publishes subsidy overviews for the European photovoltaics market, which provide information about existing subsidy programmes for PV use in the EU Member States in compact tabular form. Market studies can be requested on individual countries to analyse the market potential and risks and get accurate information on European markets. In addition, the division is actively involved in the European Energy Network, where it chairs the Renewable Energy Working Group.