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Development of Wood Chips and Pellets market in Slovakia

Jozef Viglasky, SK-BIOM, Slovakia

Presentation at: managEnergy Workshop on Biomass utilisation at local and regional level 4-5 February 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Being on the list for accession to the European Union, the Slovak Republic will increasingly have to aim at environmentally sound energy generation and utilisation. Therefore, the demand for alternative energy sources is rapidly growing. With abundant biomass resources available, the market for energy from biomass looks very promising. Biomass energy has the potential to combine economic, environmental and social benefits. According to the current estimates, the share of renewables will rise to 5% in 2010, of which 40% covered by biomass energy (30 PJ). The ultimate potential of biomass energy lies between 100 and 400 PJ/a.

A clear market for bio-energy is still lacking in the Slovak Republic. However, biomass energy will become increasingly competitive in the coming years: prices for natural gas and electricity rice continuously to international market level. Moreover, fossil fuels, especially brown coal, will be significantly charged with environmental taxes.