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Photovoltaics Building Integration, BedZED, Croydon, UK

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BedZED is a housing development with a difference; this solar urban village has transformed a brown field site in the south of England into an environmentally friendly housing development. The Peabody Trust, a charity that provides housing for the poor in London, is the company responsible for the development of 82 flats and houses at BedZED.

1138 especially designed PV laminates have been installed at the site and these have been combined with super insulation, advanced ventilation systems, a wood chip CHP plant, passive solar design, an electric car pool and a water conservation system to create houses where the energy demand is 25% of the amount of a normal home of a similar size.

Project Start October 2000
Project Completion April 2002
Size 108 kWp
Customer Peabody Trust
Electricity Generated 88 000 kWh per annum
Project Cost 900 000 Euros
Subsidies Contributions were received from the EU Fifth Framework Programme, the DTi and SEEBOARD
Participants BP Solar, Arup Associates, Bill Dunster Architects, SMA, Van Dam