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ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.

E-TOUR - Electric Two-wheelers On Urban Roads - Brochure


This brochure presents the objectives of the project in general, the partners and the tasks that each one of them has undertaken in the framework of the project. Three thousand copies of the brochure have been published and distributed as project marketing in order to extend the scope of the research and demonstration to other interested individuals. You can download copies of this brochure as well as other information from the E-Tour website (see above). Printed copies are available from ISLEnet (see below).

Air pollution from road traffic has become a focal issue of concern for urban areas and tourist islands throughout Europe. With the growing traffic volumes, congestion problems and noise experienced, effective and viable solutions are called upon to ensure the future mobility of European citizens. Electric vehicles, capable of operating in sensitive areas such as city centres and islands without creating emissions can play a major role in this process. As Kyoto commitment for emissions reduction by 8% by 2010 becomes imperative for regional and local authorities, electric vehicles present a promising solution.

Environmental legislation related to road transport is also becoming more restrictive in Europe, and has thus induced an increased consciousness of the need for clean air and the future of sustainable mobility for passengers.

The E-Tour Project introduces new mobility means and systems, using electric two-wheelers to influence modal split.

In Barcelona, Capri and Myconos, electric scooters will be introduced in a scooter sharing system, with the support of facilitating advanced telematics infrastructures.

The introduction of electric two wheelers in new mobility systems, such as scooter and bicycle sharing schemes, will have a positive effect on citizens' images of mobility patterns.

Another important aspect will be the utilisation of solar energy for recharging vehicles in Erlangen, Barcelona and Basel. In Erlangen, specialised electric three wheeled bicycles will be developed and introduced.