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Market Development of Refined Biomass - OPET Sweden

Type: CaseStudy

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Within the bio-energy area, OPET Sweden have prioritised the provision of detailed information and the demonstration of bio-energy plants, infrastructure and trade possibilities for the more refined types of biomass fuel. The aim has been to make the target groups aware of the opportunities linked to this energy source.

The overall objective of our work on refined biomass is to facilitate the replacement of oil in the heating sector and also to increase electricity production from biomass. Our activities have facilitated the conversion of two 150 kW boilers from light fuel oil to wood pellets, instigated a connection between two Czech pellet producers and a Swedish utility and contributed to an increased awareness of the current technology and trade status of refined biomass amongst participants.

In particular:

  • Market actor lists have been produced for 11 countries
  • Fact sheets (8) have been produce showing good examples from several countries
  • A joint seminar with a study tour and two bi-lateral workshops was arranged

The results were an increased transfer of knowledge and direct contacts between market actors involved in the sales of pellets and equipment. The market in Europe is developing extremely fast, and the potential for industrial development and value added business is large. The need for product quality assurance is important and will be a focus of future work.

This case study is one of 31 Good Practice Case Studies published by the OPET Network in 2005