Begiralea: Energy Consumption Monitoring Project, Basque Country, Spain


The Begiralea project aims to raise awareness about the importance of saving energy and also aims to involve directly workers of municipal buildings to reduce energy consumption. For this purpose, municipal workers will have information available about the real consumption of the building with tools for its analysis and advices that will help them achieve important levels of energy saving. All this is possible thanks to the building monitoring system for the energy consumption that the Association of Basque Municipalities-EUDEL has developed with the advice of the Basque Energy Agency-EVE making possible to know how much and how is consumed energy in each building. Thus, good practices and new habits developed by workers will have their reflection in the energy consumption and it may be checked in the comparatives with previous months.

Results and impacts

Start Date: 2009 
End Date: 2012 
Energy cost savings: 75.5 kEuro /year 
Primary energy savings: 1,128 MWh/year 
• Electricity savings: 561 MWh/year 
• Gas/diesel savings: 567 MWh/year 
Average saving per building: 
• Electricity savings: 10.3 MWh/year 
• Gas/diesel savings: 5.5 MWh/year 
Reductions of greenhouse gas emissions: 

372 t CO2e/year 

Aims and objectives of this sustainable energy action

This project aims to establish a new model of energy management in a total of 78 municipal buildings in 26 Basque municipalities. In particular the project consists in: 
• the supply and installation of the remote monitoring equipment in each building 
• the supply and accommodation of the management software 
• and finally the energy advice to 26 councils to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings. 
To carry out this objective a series of measures are raised: the implementation of an energy consumption monitoring infrastructure, the development of remote software that allows the analysis of this information, and a consulting service to form and transfer procedures and protocols that can generate energy savings.

Technical and financial implementation

The project consists of creating the necessary infrastructure (metering devices, communications, work team, energy data communication and management software) to allow the energy consumption curve to be viewed in real time. Followed by the analysis of the data, “soft” measures will be taken (mainly targeted at changing users' habits) to allow energy (and economic) savings for the local council. This campaign has its origin in the results obtained in the IEE project EnerginTown developed in different European countries in 2006-2008. The results of this project proved that monitoring of the consumption of buildings together with a few simple and continuous changes of habits from users makes possible to reach significant levels of energy savings. 

Lessons learnt

The project has enabled the elimination of two barriers currently hindering the introduction of saving measures in municipal areas; the lack of detailed knowledge about how energy is consumed and the lack of specialized personnel on council staff in the area of energy use. 
An important point to consider is that the most suitable technical solution for monitoring depends on each situation. In addition, to avoid incompatibilities between participating equipments and the software, it is advisable to entrust the implementation of the whole monitoring system and data management software to a single supplier. 
The majority of municipalities participating in the project have expressed the will to continue with the project once it has ended, proving the success of this model of management

How this action could be replicated

The Association of Basque Municipalities-EUDEL, where most of the municipalities are involved, has been a cornerstone to carry out this project, helping to achieve a wide participation and coordination of the activities. The technical and financial support received from the government through the regional energy agency has also been a key for the success of the project. 
Therefore, this action is totally replicable in regions where there is an extensive network of municipalities, a support from the regional administration and a general awareness about the need to reduce the use of energy. 


This project is based on an agreement between the Association of Basque Municipalities-EUDEL and the Basque Government through its Regional Energy Agency-EVE. 

Contact details

Ente Vasco de la Energía - EVE 
Alameda de Urquijo, 36 - 1º. 48011, Bilbao, Spain 
T: (34) 944 035 600 
Álvaro Pérez de Laborda; 

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