Intelligent street lighting in Aalborg and Aarhus, Denmark


Street lighting can account for high costs on municipal energy budgets. Sometimes this is the result of outdated streetlight systems. Intelligent lighting systems can drastically bring down energy costs and CO2 emissions. The Aarhus-based company Amplex, founded in 2001, delivers intelligent street lighting to Denmark’s major cities and is a direct partner of the Communities of Aarhus and  Aalborg.

Results and impacts

The replacement of old, standard street lighting by intelligent street lighting resulting in energy savings and costs.

Aims and objectives of this sustainable energy action

The upgrade of standard streetlight networks can attain energy savings of 10-15%. This usually includes central control and a high number of photocells being replaced with a single one. Also dimming can be added, adding another 25-35% of savings during the dimming period.

Technical and financial implementation

The intelligent monitoring and control systems are centrally managed. The optimisation of on and off hours can easily add 10-15% energy savings. When full lighting is not needed, the Energy Savings Mode can cut costs further by 35%. Further maintenance increases the quality and safety of the streetlights in parallel to the savings made.

How this action could be replicated



Community of Aarhus

Community of Aalborg

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Jens Hørup, Amplex

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