Heat utilization in Dortmund


The Ebel Elementary school has been the first project to utilise waste heat in Bottrop. The project is a collaboration between the municipality of Bottrop works together with the Dortmund-based company LaTherm. 

Results and impacts

The concept of transporting recovered heat in a container allows delivering energy to consumers that are not connected to a heat network in a circle of 20 kilometer.

Aims and objectives of this sustainable energy action

In 2010, mayor Tischler expressed the goal of ‘making available two megawatts of unused heat within the city of Bottrop’. Ultimately the city aimed to achieve a subsequent CO2 reduction of approximately 4,000 to 5,000 tonnes per year.’ 

Technical and financial implementation

LaTherm stores unused waste heat from example chemical plants, steel and aluminium plants, waste incineration, biogas or landfill gas plants in a container filled with sodium acetate container. This eco-friendly, non-toxic material is also known as pickling salt and can therefore be used in city centres and residential areas without any problems. The heat stored in the container is transported to the locations by truck and fed into the heating system. This means that heat can also be supplied to consumers that are not connected to local or district heating networks. The Federal Ministry of Environment has supported the development of the heat storage.

How this action could be replicated

The Ebel Elementary School is the prelude for further projects of this nature In Bottrop. The waste heat recovery project has been regarded as an important contribution to the climate and cost targets.

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