Effigénie is a two-year-old start-up headed by young entrepreneurs Camille Thiriez, Cyril Dubus andClement Raffin . They provide a multidisciplinary team of engineers involved in the fields of energy, automation and information systems. The team develop and install computer programmes designed to help their clients to cut down energy wastage. They typically cater for industrial buildings and local authorities.

Results and impacts

Typically, the use of Effigénie reduces the energy consumption of a building by 25%. Located in the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, where the high energy consumption is a serious problem, Effigénie has the capacity to make a significant change to the reputation of the region.

The company has created eleven jobs in the space of two years, going some way towards helping the employment crisis in the region.

To measure the impact of the technology, Effigénie and CERAPS are collaborating on 'The Advice Project' – a research project which aims to analyse the impact of the diffusion of energy performance data and the legal context of such an approach. Sensitization screens will be installed in several public and private buildings with a tool for monitoring the energy performance in Lille.
Effigénie has recently worked with the Rabot Dutilleuil group, to create an energy efficient Urbawood building. The building, made entirely from sustainable wood, will host the latest sustainability technology including the Effigénie automatic energy optimizer. Metrological forecasts will be used to refine the energy management of the boiler thermostats and CTA every day automatically.

Aims and objectives of this sustainable energy action

The team are motivated by a sense of social and environmental responsibility, and are dedicated to continuously seeking new, innovative solutions to optimize the way buildings use energy.

The business aims to tackle the problem of energy waste and help their clients to reduce their carbon footprints. Energy conservation, comfort and simplicity are the key goals of their computer designs.

Technical and financial implementation

At present Effigénie boasts two main techniques: Effivísion and Effipílote.

Effivísion provides access to energy analysis by collecting information about the clients' energy consumption. Energy data is collected through radio or wire modules installed on existing water, gas and electricity meters. This data is then stored on a secure external server. Energy consumption can be viewed in the form of tables or histograms and exported directly in other formats (Excel, CSV, etc.). Access to historical consumption allows the client to compare and analyse trends. The Effigénie tools allow the client to identify the areas of consumption in a few clicks. This way the client can detect potential savings and reduce consumption. The tools also alert the client if there is a technical fault causing energy wastage.

Effipílote is a computer program linked to the energy-using installations in a building. It allows the user to control the installation settings online. The program provides a daily weather report and allows installations, such as heating and lighting, to be pre-programmed.

Effigénie depends on public and private investment. Investors include Noria Capital and Nord France Amorçage, and Effigénie holds fundraisers to supplement this funding. Nine months after its launch, Effigénie received another €240,000 funding from public and private investors.

Since November 2011 Effigénie has been a part of EuraTechnologies, an SPL that aims to promote economic and social development through the exchange of scientific research and technologies.

EuraTechnologies provides very low, subsidised rent, as well as a range of free support services and technical facilities to start-ups working in the field of technology. EuraTechnologies' core goal is to intertwine the work environments of start-ups and big companies like Microsoft & Deloitte.

They are financed by the state, the EU, the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, the General Council de Nord, Lille Metropoltan Community and the City of Lille.

Contact details

Effigénie, Euratechnologies, 165 avenue de la Bretagne, 59 000 Lille camille.thiriez@Effigénie.com

Tel+33 (0)3 51 08 11 63
Tel+33 (0)6 05 00 76 77
Fax+33 (0)9 72 37 94 24

Further information

Last year, Effigénie presented at the Intelligent Building Systems exhibition in Paris September 2013 as a Silver Sponsor, and at the ENVIRONORD fair earlier in the year. The fair focussed on the integration of environmental considerations into corporate strategy as an engine of growth and economic development. The company is accelerating its commercial deployment by opening a sales office in Paris.