ManagEnergy Workshop Braşov, Romania

23 September 2010

Sustainable energy & Covenant of Mayors in our cities

This ManagEnergy Capacity Building Workshop was organised by Energy Cities and OER Association (the Romanian Energy Cities Network).

Entitled “Sustainable energy & Covenant of Mayors in our cities”, the workshop gathered together a number of high-level participants, including: representatives of the Technical Departments of the Local Authorities in Romania; local and regional energy agencies and organisations that have a potential to support local authorities in meeting the Covenant of Mayors objectives.


  • 11 out of 18 Romanian Covenant Signatories participated
  • 7 more Municipalities, OER Members, interested in the Covenant of Mayors joined the workshop
  • Energy Agencies and 2 National Observers were present


“The workshop was quite successful. It allowed us to clarify the key concepts for all participants. Two cities declared that they wanted to redo their SEAP. Participants also exchanged experience between themselves.
Repeating this kind of workshop could significantly improve the understanding of the SEAP concepts."
Ronald Piers de Raveschoot
European Commission – Joint Research Centre (JRC)

materialMore quotes from participants:

"Many things became clearer for me."
"We should have done it earlier."
"We should repeat this kind of workshop, even for other subjects than energy."
"High class workshop."
"Very useful and interesting."
"I only discovered the guidebook 2 weeks ago. We followed the proposed steps intuitively but it is good to have the scientific confirmation."

Workshop Conclusions

Participants responded positively to the content of the workshop – which was more technical – as it provided them with both in-depth explanations of the processes and concrete examples. Indications suggest the ManagEnergy workshop has triggered interest among the local authorities involved to engage in networking and cooperation with existing and potential Supporting Structures. Such interaction would allow local authorities to exchange experiences concerning the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors.

In the future, the OER and the Regional Development Agency – which is currently participating in the ENESCOM project – will help to facilitate networking between local authorities. One of the objectives of the ENESCOM project is to increase the number of Romanian municipalities joining the Covenant of Mayors. OER – a Supporting Structure of the Covenant of Mayors – will support the Regional Development with this task.

Workshop Programme

Workshop presentations

Topic 1: Human Capacities

Topic 2: Development of CO2 Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI) and Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)

Topic 3: Involvement of local actors

Topic 4: Funding

Photos of the workshop

Workshop participants

George Scripcaru (Mayor of Brasov) and Camelia Rata (Orase Energie Romania - OER)

Peter Schilken, Energy Cities    Ronald Piers de Raveschoot, European Commission Joint Research Centre
Peter Schilken, Energy Cities  -   Ronald Piers de Raveschoot, European Commission Joint Research Centre