ManagEnergy Workshop Jaén, Spain

4 October 2010

Financing Sustainable Energy Projects in Public Lighting, PV and Renewable Energy for Domestic Consumption


Thirty-one participants took part in this dynamic and interactive workshop, organised by AGENER (the energy agency of Jaén) and opened by Pilar Parra Ruiz, Vice-president of the Provincial Council of Jaén.

The objective of this workshop was to build the capacity of the participants in:

  • Public lighting
  • Photovoltaic projects
  • Renewable energy for domestic consumption

To strengthen the understanding of these topics, group discussions and a visit to a local PV installation were included.


“The ManagEnergy workshop in Jaén was really useful for me, especially the presentation of national programs, the discussion of local financing options and mainly the contracting possibilities with ESEs for municipal sustainable energy actions. AGENER did a great job organising the workshop, and I really hope to see more ManagEnergy workshops like this in Southern Spain in the future!”
Gonzalo Esteban López
Energy Agency of Granada

Workshop Conclusions

Proceedings were led by José La Cal, Director of AGENER energy agency in Jaén, who moderated the discussion throughout the one and a half day workshop.

Some participants raised concerns about the financing sources available to small municipalities in Spain. The example of the Barcelona Regional Government’s success in pooling projects from small municipalities in the region in order to increase the accessibility and manageability of financing sources was discussed in full by the Diputación de Barcelona. Participants engaged in a thorough discussion of the challenges that this approach presents, particularly in the context of regions with smaller population sizes than the Barcelona region.

Presentation of one of AGENER’s own best practice examples of photovoltaic generation, including a visit to an installation at GEOLIT Technology Park, provided participants with a range of good practices to follow up on.

Participants also took the opportunity to put questions directly to representatives of Caja Rural Jaén – a local bank investing in sustainable energy, IDAE – the Spanish national energy agency and KaWarna – a leading Spanish ESCO, among others. The workshop closed with a one hour open discussion session, which focused on, among other things, the challenges faced by smaller private sector energy service providers in the Spanish market.

Workshop Programme

Workshop presentations

Workshop photos

Dr Ferran Vallespinós Riera, of Diputació di Barcelona,  discusses some of the options available for obtaining bank financing for municipal energy actions.

José Antonio La Cal, of AGENER (Jaén Energy Agency), leads a discussion of municipal best practices in rational use of energy and renewable energy production

Participants discuss the options for municipal energy actions with the workshop host, José Antonio La Cal of AGENER (Jaén Energy Agency)

Workshop participants study the presentation of Electromontiel, a major solar energy provider in Southern Spain

Maria Carmen Ordoñez takes questions from the floor about Electromontiel’s activities in the regional photovoltaic sector