ManagEnergy Workshop Plovdiv, Bulgaria

24 September 2010

Financing Sustainable Energy Action Plans: Energy and CO2 Emission Savings in Public Buildings

The workshop was a great success, with thirty-one participants taking part in an interactive discussion on: development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans, international best practices in sustainable public building actions, the Bulgarian Operational Programme, and the utilisation of third-party financing for public building investments. The workshop presentations are available below.


“The workshop was well organised and extremely useful for me. The discussion of SEAP development and implementation was particularly strong. Many thanks!”
Veselin Draganov
Senior Expert, Sofia Energy Agency - SOFENA

“Congratulations to ManagEnergy and Plovdiv Energy Agency! This workshop was a great success – lots of useful information for local and regional energy actors. More workshops like this please!”
Georgi Simeonov
Senior Expert, Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik

“The best practice case studies were excellent. I left the workshop with a host of new ideas and clear examples of how to implement them”
Preslava Velikova
Municipal Energy Agency of Ruse

Workshop Conclusions

There was a lively discussion of the challenges of financing sustainable energy actions in the public building sector at the Plovdiv workshop. The need to combine fuel switch with energy efficiency renovations was stressed by several participants throughout the workshop, particularly given the heavy reliance on oil for heating in Bulgaria – a costly choice for many municipalities. Municipal representatives also discussed the outlook for third-party investment in the coming financial year with the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Fund.

Several participants seized the opportunity to put questions about the Bulgarian Operational Programme to a representative of the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, and the following discussion reemphasised the need for a move away from oil and towards biomass for heating supplies.

The workshop also benefitted from the lessons learned by the IEE project ClearingHouse Support, which fostered 230 energy efficiency building investments in New Member States outside Bulgaria, and made particular progress in the Pomerania region of Poland. Combined with the SEAP development experiences of Silistra and Dobrich municipalities, this discussion generated a host of new actionable ideas for implementing sustainable energy projects at the municipal level.

Workshop Programme

Workshop presentations

  • Turning a SEAP into a Successful Financing Plan: Experience Sharing from Dobrich (in Bulgarian)
    Part 1   Part 2
    Elena Anastasova, Municipality of Dobrich

Workshop photos

Katarzyna Grecka, of Plovdiv Energy Agency, opened the Plovdiv ManagEnergy workshop with a discussion of the potential for combining energy efficiency and fuel switch activities in public building renovations.

  Ivan Hinovski, of the Bulgarian Energy Forum, leads a discussion between participants on the challenges of financing sustainable energy projects in Bulgaria.

Elena Anastasova, of the Municipality of Dobrich, discusses Dobrich's experience of developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans under the Covenant of Mayors Initiative.