ManagEnergy Workshop Gdańsk, Poland

24 February 2011

NREAP at work – Implementing local and regional renewable energy actions for achieving the EU RES Directive

1. Workshop Capacity Objectives

The objective of this workshop has been to raise awareness of the targets and strategies set in the Polish National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) and improve the capacities of the workshop participants to implement the NREAP, in order to meet the 2020 targets.

The workshop aims have been to:

  • Increase the participants' knowledge of the Polish REAP including its objectives, strategies and targets in order to facilitate local and regional implementation.
  • Increase the participants' knowledge of the measures and actions that can be implemented in line with the REAP objectives.
  • Display good examples of how to implement the REAP through training exercises in respective areas and how to ensure capacity building.
  • Increase the participants' knowledge of measures and actions that can be implemented in line with the EEAP objectives.
  • Help participants understand the various supporting structures available on a local/regional basis.
  • Display relevant best practice measures and projects from other countries in Europe available in the ManagEnergy Case Studies and Good Practice database.

2. Local Capacity Needs

The main target groups have been:

  1. Recently established (year 2009-2010) Polish regional energy agencies
  2. Local and regional Polish energy agencies with public mandates established before 2009
  3. Local and regional authorities and organisations with a public mandate in Poland. Especially those that have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors initiative. Ten towns and cities in Poland signed up to the Covenant of Mayors (status August 2010)

3. Workshop Expected Outcomes

The workshop set out to increase capacity in the following areas:

  • The sectoral targets, the technology mix expected to be used and the roadmap outlined in the NREAP
  • How to implement the NREAP targets at the local/regional level
  • Renewable energy use and potential in Poland
  • Sustainability in energy utilisation
  • Cooperation and interactions between different types of stakeholders and sectors.


“It is worth to organize events like this one!
Thank you very much”!
Maria Stankiewicz, Energie Cites

Szanowna Pani,
chcialbym serdecznie podziekowac za mozliwosc udzialu w konferencji, zorganizowanej przez Panstwa.
Byla to dla mnie niebywala okazja poznania prof. Zmijewskiego.
Pragne takze pogratulowac  sprawnej organizacji i wysokiego poziomu spotkania. Mam nadzieje, ze w przyszlosci podobne konferencje beda nadal organizowane przez Panstwa.
Z powazaniem,
Anna Waszczyk
Wydzial Srodowiska Urzedu Miejskiego w Gdansku

Dear Mrs,
I would like to thank you for giving me possibility to participate in the event organized on 24 th February. This was extraordinary occasion for me to meet Prof. Zmijewski. I would like to congratulate you on a smooth organization and high quality of the meeting. I hope that, in the future, a similar event will be organized by you.
Kind regards,
Anna Waszczyk
Department of Environmental Protection, Municipality of Gdansk.”

Dear Mrs,
Powislanska Agencja Poszanowania Energii would like to thank you for giving possibility to participate in Seminar and workshop organized by
ManagEnergy and BAPE on NREAP. It was a very important event for us, as we could meet and exchange experiences with other agencies invited for the event.
What is more, we were deeply impressed by those who had presentations,  which gave us the opportunity to increase our knowledge on RES. We also thank you for the nice atmosphere and good organization of the event
Marcin Duda
Director of the Agency

Workshop Programme

Workshop Presentations

Workshop Photos

Edmund Wach, BAPE; Wiesław Świlski, Vice-Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship; Katarzyna Grecka, BAPE

Prof. Krzysztof Żmijewski
Prof. Krzysztof Żmijewski – Secretary of Public Council of NPR

I. Korohoda
Iwona Korohoda, PNEC