ManagEnergy Workshop Maribor, Slovenia

21 June 2011

SEAP Development & Financing: Energy Management, Structural Funds and ESCO Utilisation in the Municipal Building Sector

With support of Energy Agency of Podravje (EnergaP) - Kindly hosted by the City of Maribor. The workshop's aim was to build the capacity of the participants in the following areas:

  • EnergaP logo and Maribor city logoEnergy planning including the preparation of both Covenant of Mayors (CoM) SEAPs and national energy concepts
  • Energy monitoring and book-keeping training
  • Provision of guidance and training on working with ESCOs and utilising Structural and Cohesion Funds for energy efficiency projects

It included expert presentations and good practice examples, as well as interactive discussion sessions between the participants and speakers. The key target groups were energy experts and directors from Covenant of Mayor (CoM) signatory cities, and non-signatory cities as well as management staff from local, regional and national energy agencies.

Workshop Conclusions

The ManagEnergy Workshop in Maribor, Slovenia, was attended by 28 participants, primarily from municipalities across the country and regional energy agencies. The Vice-Mayor of Maribor, Mr. Tomaž Kancler, held a speech at the beginning of the Workshop valuing such events. The programme followed an initial needs analysis focusing in particular, on the following topics:

  • SEAP Development and Energy Planning
  • Energy Contracting and utilizing Structural Funds
  • Building Human Capacity in Municipal Energy Management, and
  • Energy Monitoring and Book-keeping.

The Workshop opened with a session on SEAP development and experiences from within Slovenia and other European countries with energy planning. Question & Answer sessions after each presentation allowed for participants to share different experiences and made the Workshop more interactive. Speakers brought a strong mix of local and international expertise to the discussions.

The first sessions in the afternoon, focusing on financing of energy actions, particularly attracted participants. In break-out groups, participants discussed energy contracting procedures and what the key elements and essentials are. An extensive Q&A round followed to clarify questions that arose throughout the exercise.

Considerable attention was given to the sessions on human capacity building in Municipal Energy Management as small municipalities often don’t have energy experts or supportive structures in place. A final session on Energy Monitoring and Book-Keeping lead participants to raise many questions due to a lack of national guidelines in this area in Slovenia. This proves that the Workshop achieved to consider topics of relevance for municipalities and energy agencies.

The most significant effect of the event however, is the platform the Workshop built for local energy actors to increase knowledge and coordination. On the day of the workshop, Boštjan Krajnc (KSSENA) announced that Velenje City Council confirmed a SEAP. This is a particularly positive aspect of the event as it means that Velenje is the first city of Slovenia to hand in an action plan.

ManagEnergy would therefore like to thank the local partner, Energy Agency of Podravje (EnergaP), and in particular Ms. Vlasta Krmelj and her team for being highly committed and supportive throughout the development and implementation of the ManagEnergy Workshop. We also extend our thanks to the City of Maribor for hosting the workshop.


"The workshop proved to me the value of such type of workshops as the participants gained from the experience exchange and inspiration from activities outside Slovenia. It was a pleasure to serve as speaker and take part in the discussions around SEAP development and how to bring sustainable energy measures into reality"
Nils Daugaard, Senior Expert, EC Network

"The workshop was a very interesting event and also very useful for me. At the first place there was an interesting discussion with municipalities about the barriers and drivers governing the new municipalities to sign the Covenant of Mayors. Secondly, the session on financing, presented EU funding possibilities and the importance of SEAP support in identification of bankable projects. The organisers, ManagEnergy team and the local energy agency EnergaP did an excellent job in organisation and moderation of the event."
Dr. Marjana Šijanec Zavrl, Head of the Centre, Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK, Centre for indoor environment, building physics and energy

Workshop programme

Workshop presentations

Part I - Training Session on Energy Planning

Part II - Financing Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency Actions in Public Buildings

Part III - Good Practices in Energy Management

Workshop pictures

Krmelj Zavrl Daugaard
(From left to right) Vlasta Krmelj, Director Energy Agency of Podravje (EnergaP) moderated the workshop in Maribor. Marjana Šijanec Zavrl, ZRMK Institut – Building and Civil Engeneering Institute and Nils Daugaard, Energy Consulting Network, held the first presentations in the morning of this ManagEnergy event on SEAP development and energy planning.

The Vice-Mayor of the City of Maribor, Mr. Tomaž Kancler, held a short opening speech in the midst of workshop participants and speakers in the beginning of the workshop.

participants during an exercise
Workshop participants discussing the ESCO contracting procedure during an exercise.

Waldmann Perpar
(From left to right) Ms. Alexandra Waldmann, Zeleno mreženje & poslovne svetovanje, Alexandra Waldmann s.p and Ms. Blaženka Pospi Perpar, El-Tec Mulej, answering questions of workshop participants after the ESCO exercise.

workshop room
The workshop room was friendly and filled with representatives from municipalities across the country and regional energy agencies.

Kadletz Krajnc Krmelj
(from left to right) Mr. Florian Kadletz, ManagEnergy Support Team, Boštjan Krajnc, Director Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region (KSSENA) presenting on Human Capacity building in Municipal Energy Management.  Vlasta Krmelj, Director Energy Agency of Podravje (EnergaP) sharing her experience in energy monitoring and bookkeeping.