ManagEnergy Workshop Rome, Italy

7-8 July 2011

Pilot Models of Sustainable Energy Action Implementation Schemes

Palazzo Valentini in RomeFrom the experience of the ManagEnergy training events for energy agency directors held in 2008 and 2009, a very interactive training formula was set up, where conference sessions are complemented with working groups for active mutual learning, role playing events and open debates.

Participants at last year's Bologna workshop were very satisfied with the interactive sessions. The same formula was applied to the last workshop in Rome and once again participants were very enthusiastic about the approach. The main difference between the two workshops was the target audience: while energy agencies and consultants represented most of the participants in Bologna, there were more functionaries from local administrations in attendance during the Rome workshop.

Workshop Conclusions

Several sessions during the workshop focused on the topics associated with the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors initiative in Italy. Special focus was given to SEAP implementation actions, financing options, good practice case studies, working groups to learn how to plan actions and role playing simulating the presentation of actions to the political level. The attendees played an active role during the second part of the seminar, during which they were strongly motivated and very much involved.

The role playing session showed the importance of communicating with public administrators, and many participants recognised the struggle and difficulties that emerged, firstly during the presentations and after in the working group and the role playing session.

The break-out groups were focused on implementing the actions of SEAPs. The lesson learnt from the exercise were summarised  in ‘guidelines’ and presented to the attendees. This was perceived as the final “product” obtained from the workshop and showed their motivation to contribute actively to the best possible approach.

Most of the participants declare to be able to provide better assistance to the municipalities that have signed the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

Workshop Programme


  • Welcome address
    Michele Civita, Councillor of Environment of the city of Rome

Workshop photos

Welcome words by the Councillor of Environment of the Province of Rome M. Civita. Left to right: Patrick Lefèbvre (ManagEnergy), Stefano Vaccari (Councillor of Environment, Province of Modena), Michele Civita (Assessore Ambiente, Province of Rome), Marcello Antinucci (ECUBA) and Eriuccio Nora (Director of the “Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane”, National Supporting Structure of the Covenant of Mayors)

Around 25 participants attended the workshop in the beautiful Palazzo Valentini in Rome

working group
The participants split into three working groups - here: Group on Urban Planning

working group  working group

sharing outcomes
Marcello Antinucci and Eriuccio Nora during the role playing session – participants present their action plan to a municipality

Patrick Levèbvre from ManagEnergy
Simone Antinucci and Patrick Lefèbvre during the debriefing session: conclusions drawn from actions developed by the break-out groups and the role playing session