Prospects for EPC in Czech Republic

Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union, Jungmannova 24

Target audience

Local and regional authorities in the Czech Republic


This workshop aimed to facilitate EPC use for energy efficiency and environmental investment projects at all levels of public administration.

It was held in cooperation with SEVEn, Středisko pro efektivní využívání energie (The Energy Efficiency Center).

The first day focused on providing solid understanding of the EPC concept and highlighting success factors and barriers from local as well as international projects.

The round table discussion on the second day built on the first day's work and focus on finding practical solutions for broader utilization of the EPC concept in the Czech Republic.

The EPC concept was introduced in the Czech Republic in 1993. Currently, approximately 10 companies offer EPC contracts. The EPC contractors are composed of small local companies specialized in energy efficiency renovation and investments and by subsidiaries of large multinational manufacturers of building automation & control systems, as well as supply companies. 

The targeted market for ESCO projects remains the public buildings sector, which covers about 80% of the market value. Projects in the public sector are mainly implemented with the guaranteed shared savings principles in schools, hospitals, social care facilities, administrative buildings. A template contract has been developed for EPC, which is used in most public tenders and is based on a financial guarantee of savings, where the financing is provided by the ESCO. In recent years there has been success by combining state subsidies with EPC (projects partly financed through subsidies and partly through EPC).

The ESCO market has had a stable growth due to marketing activities of local ESCOs and EPC consultants, increased energy prices, budget restriction in the public sector and increasing freedom of building and facility managers in renovation and construction decisions.

The main barrier to projects is mistrust from clients towards ESCO projects based on scepticism by management towards energy efficiency investments, complex solutions and EPC resulting from unclear definitions and unsuccessful contracts in the past. 

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Prague, Czech Republic

Location details: Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union, Jungmannova 24

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