Boosting SEAP implementation in western Romanian


Romanian legal, financial and technical experts were on hand at ManagEnergy’s recent workshop in Timisoara last month to discuss ways to boost sustainable energy measures in the country’s regions and towns. The event was intended to help participants—local and regional authorities, mostly—carry out their sustainable energy action plans (SEAPs), and encourage others to start the process of planning if they’ve not done so already. Ways to secure financing for projects—the most challenging step for most—was a central focus of the workshop. 

How to boost cooperation between the public and private sectors, and how to navigate the Romanian legal framework in order to do so was also central to the discussion. Many felt that a more effective—and stable—legal framework to support energy efficiency and other sustainable energy goals is needed in the country. Legal experts presented on energy performance contracting, the national code for procurement and barriers to public-private partnership in Romania. 

Representatives from the EBRD were also in attendance to give advice on how to access the bank’s range of sustainable energy financing facilities, which are quite active in the country. 

The need to develop—and perhaps make compulsory—regional-level master energy plans was also a subject returned to over and over again. Consensus formed around the idea that more action is needed at the regional level where economies of scale make most sense, where financial leverage is greatest, and where data sharing is most effective. 

While Romania is in many ways poised for revitalization on the sustainable energy front, the country still faces significant transitional challenges in the areas of energy efficiency and renewables. A chief concern raised during the workshop is the lack of a skilled labor force needed to carry out much of this type of work. Technical experts in attendance outlined steps needed to address this gap.

Panelists and other attendees showed sincere gratitude for the EU’s presence in Timisoara through the support of this workshop.




Timişoara, Romania

Organised by: Timiş County Energy Agency

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