Boosting SEAP implementation in the North Denmark Region

Hotel Aalborg, Østerbro 27, 9000 Aalborg

The ManagEnergy workshop gathered representatives of newly started regional SEP projects in all five Danish regions as well as local and regional authorities for a rich and fruitful exchange on how best to meet the challenge. A key focus was to explore ways to finance the projects to turn out of the regional SEAPs and the workshop not least gave a picture of how best to exploit the financing opportunities in the European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-20.

Another key objective was to coordinate the national process around strategic energy planning with the DK municipalities’ engagement in the Covenant of Mayors (CoM). This part resulted in a draft statement to the Danish Energy Agency with recommendation on how to streamline the efforts onwards.

Last and not least the workshop focused a regional effort in the North Denmark Region to promote bio energy and green public procurement.

Mr. Thomas Jensen, Manager of the ‘Energetic North Denmark’ project and Energy-Climate Coordinator in Hjørring Municipality, presented the preliminary potential for bio energy in the 11 municipalities in the region. It shows that most of the municipalities have so far used one third of the potential or less. Higher exploration would be an important contribution to fulfilling the sustainable energy goals, though for feasibility reasons it might not be realistic to opt for 100%. According to Mr Jensen:

''There are a range of factors to be taken into consideration when planning of bio energy projects. In terms of biogas this concerns issues like access to animal manure, where to locate the biogas plant including ownership structure and how make best use of the produced gas. It is also of matter of getting public acceptance, in Brønderslev there is a bad case where a previous biogas plant has caused a severe smell problem and made it very hard to introduce new projects. It will be an integrated part of the ‘Energetic North Denmark’ project to investigate the opportunities and find the best ways for implementation.'

Jakob Lorenzen, Development Consultant in the Triangle Region, presented their experience with biogas exploration. Mr Lorenzen said:

'Triangle Region is an association representing 6 municipalities in East- Central Denmark with a total population of 350,000 people. The motivation for biogas is driven by factors such as its energy-climate potential, commercial interests like keeping jobs in the agricultural sector and other type of positive spin-off effects.'

Via a calculation model there have been analysed four scenarios with scenario ‘2’ as the most promising. This implies the production of 47 million m3 methane and an investment of 1.2 billion DKK (around 160 MEUR). The intention is to run the biogas implementation in a business set-up, meaning amongst others that the 6 municipalities concerned will restrict from giving investment guarantees. The Triangle Region has so far positive experience from biogas plants and therefore the public acceptance and policy back-up is good.

The discussion revealed a high interest from the municipalities in North Denmark to use the biogas experience gained in the Triangle Region, including the calculation model.

Part of the workshop follow-up is thus to ensure further transfer/exchange in this area.

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Aalborg, Denmark

Organised by: EC Network with North Denmark EU Office, Regional authority of North Denmark

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