Public Sector ESCOs


Target audience

UK local and county authorities including elected members and officers, any other interested actor particularly private ESCOs.


In the UK only a couple of cities are progressing to offer energy tariffs to domestic customers; some are looking to develop or work with new emerging Community Energy Supply Companies. However, very few cities are planning wholly owned Energy Companies that would directly offer tariffs to residents, opening up the potential to help tackle fuel poverty, create a vehicle that gets a better return from low carbon and renewable projects and develop systems that will help plan for future energy systems. 

This represents a new challenge for UK local authorities, entering a highly regulated and competitive market, dominated by 6 multi-national corporations, however, European municipal counterparts have been operating in this sector for decades. 

Key objectives

To raise awareness across local and regional authorities in: 

 Options to tackle fuel poverty through tariff offers

 The potential of future energy supply companies to generate a revenue to re-invest in low carbon and renewable technologies in cities

 The different ESCO models under development in the UK and the options available to local authorities

Why you should participate

In the UK the subject of establishing municipal ESCOs is a current hot topic. This event will allow participants to learn from the UK frontrunners who are currently working on setting up an energy supply company and enrich the debate by inviting representatives from European cities where municipal energy supply is well established and flourishing. 



Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Name: Ian Turner
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